Monday, 23 November 2015

Plant Dyes

source: Richard Mabey, Plants with a Purpose

source: Richard Mabey, Plants with a Purpose

Useful Plants - Bracken


Uses - Bedding, Dye

A fern with worldwide distribution from the Tropics to the Arctic.

One of the chief weeds of heather moors, esp. on heavily grazed, churned ground.

Poisonous to animals in its green state but harmless once brown in the autumn.

Use as bedding : lightweight, elastic in texture, porous (cool in summer, heat retaining in winter), plentiful.

Bracken leaves also used as brown dye.

Useful Plants - Sphagnum Moss

source: Plants with a Purpose - Richard Mabey

Sphagnum Moss

Uses: Bedding, Wound Dressing

naturally resistant to decay 
the chief component of blanket bogs.
lives sodden with water for much of its life
may have developed its own bactericide to stave off mouldiness.


burdock root - preparation

Thursday, 19 November 2015

A Sick Logic - Study Day

rosehip, muslin

Site Gallery Platorm Residency
Platform Study Day
Saturday 21 November, 11 - 4pm
11 – 4pm: Study Day at Sheffield Hallam University

The event will explore the strange and wonderful place between private practice and public participation that emerges from each Platform residency: what is the benefit of going behind the scenes and giving access not only to the end product, but also to the creative process? How can the work benefit from the insights and enthusiasms of Site Gallery’s audiences?


Lucy Beech & Edward Thomasson
Beatriz Olabarrieta
Laura Wilson
Anna Chrystal Stephens & Glen Stoker