a sick logic

Following a suspicion that the current socio-political and ecological systems of governance are failing, A Sick Logic explores alternative ways of living as a practical political response to a dark seeming future landscape. ideas around basic living processes, re-learning and re-wilding.

the authors

The work takes the form of photography, sculpture, installation and participatory happenings. I am interested in living strategies, communities, collectivism and societies’ relationship to the natural environment. I have been investigating basic living processes and survival skills; recently this has consisted of learning to identify and safely consume wild plants, spin yarn and preserve food, followed by exchange and diffusion of these skills though walks, discussions, workshops.

A visual artist working in various media, but with an emphasis on photography and film, installation and assemblage, performance and text. The site and location specific practice is centred on acts of walk and response, and carried out largely in the public realm. Themes of urban place and space narrow down to a particular focus on urban land use and the post-industrial human living condition, alongside ideas of absence and presence and longing and belonging in the contemporary city.

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