Location: Brownfield site, off Pomona Street, Sheffield, S11 8JE

Through this landscape challenge, we addressed questions of potential human and natural disconnects, exploring what constitutes a landscape and the relationships involved. Participants were asked to convene at the specified location where together we attempted to perform a comprehensive land survey, undertaking tasks which included; recording the diversity and amount of plants, the sound and feelscapes, the amount of man-made matter, soil tests and more.

Author J.D. Taylor joined us to perform an introductory walk around the site. He asked us to use our imaginations to consider what the land may have been used for in the past. Drawing our attention to specific features, we looked at how landscape and place can shape experiences individually and collectively, considering key questions - what is life like here?, what could life be like?, what can be done with the weight of the past to liberate the future?

We are currently in the full interpretation stage, and logged results, findings, images, thoughts and questions will appear here shortly.
To get your copy of the limited edition A3 Risoprint SURVEY zine produced as a result of the activity, please contact Robyn Haddon at Site Gallery -

Things we Recorded

  • Area (rudimentary distance estimation - measure your feet, then walk the circumference, counting your steps - heel to toe. At regular points, say every 100 steps - you could record your situation. At the end, multiply the number of steps by the size of your feet to record the distance.
  • Plants (kinds, edibility and use, quantity)
  • animals (kinds, quantity)
  • Ground type/ soil type (collect samples, photos, litmus paper)
  • Domestic objects (count and record)
  • Atmosphere (notes sketches etc)
  • Smell (notes, sketches)
  • Colours (notes, photos)
  • Sounds (notes)
  • Creative interventions (eg ramps, graffiti etc)
  • Any general notes about the place
All Recording took the form of one or more of the following - photographs, drawings and sketches, diagrams, notes, random thoughts.

Over the next few days, we will be evaluating and interpreting the day’s findings, and displaying the results at Site Gallery. In order to fully represent the collective activity today, at the end of the event, we will ask you to consider your experience and make some suggestions as to what this site, ideally, could become in the future. A final report will be returned to the site for its users’ consideration.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us  
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