Wednesday, 20 April 2016

R&D - Wild Food Walks with Ffyona Campbell

Some of the twee-ness absent in Paul Chaney's Lizard Action Plan was definitely evident in Ffyona Campbell's approach to the half-day wild-food foraging walk, manifested in the group hand-holding for the spiritual poems which bookended the 3 hour walk, and the handmade publication we parted with.

However, the knowledge imparted throughout the silent group walk, as we were encouraged to listen to the instruction, and allow all of our 5 senses to create memory and recall, was extensive. Of note was the attention paid to distinguishing between plants of similar appearance, but at the opposite ends on the toxicity scale.

It became clear that to be successful at this activity you have to practice, and despite my perception of and reservations about the spiritual approach, it was evident that Campbell could almost sense where something edible might be, and in that way, not unlike Chaney's thinking, in order to be successful with this activity, there is an essential need to reconnect with the land.

The distance was fairly short - approx a mile, and here's what we found.

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