Friday, 1 July 2016

Survival Training with Richard Prideaux

28th – 30th June

Spruce roots make good twine and tie materials. It was difficult to escape this spruce root tie up.

Old parachutes can be used for larger shelters.

Why do we feel that the this fabric of a tent will protect us from any real danger? 

Richard pointed out that basic first aid and CPR are essential survival skills people sometimes forget about…
Body temperature control, also very important - you must understand when you are getting to warm with activity, and when you stop you must have another layer to put on, don’t sweat and take everything off you will be cold and wet. Discomfort leads to poor decisions.

To Start A Fire:
2 x handfuls of matchstick size
2 x handfuls of pencil size
2 x handfuls of finger size
9 x armfuls of firewood will last an evening.  

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