Friday, 5 August 2016

Of the Day - #2 - Book - Camping with a Purpose

As part of the There Are No Firm Rules residency at Site Gallery, we are constructing a resource library of over 200 books and magazines covering all of our project aspects.

No 1 in an ongoing Series

Book of the Day

Camping with a Purpose

by S.C. Warren-Wren



"Camping with a Purpose will prove of the greatest interest to all youth leaders, organisations and individuals who are campers or who intend someday to become campers.

Among the subjects dealt with are: Good Camps. Dangerous Camps. The Law and Camping. Effects of Changing Social System. The Nomadic Camp. On Walking. The Standing Camp. Locality. Siting. Finance. Equipment. Transport. Organisation. Personnel. Duties. Timetables. Sea Bathing. Religious Observances. Mixed Sexes. Striking Camp.

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