Monday, 1 August 2016

There Are No Firm Rules - Platform Residency - The Walk - Report

Walk Report

Stoke-on-Trent to Sheffield

We wanted to put some survival and identification skills into practice.


Found edibles


Can we allow ourselves this?

The challenge was to sustain ourselves as much as possible with found food, we collected over 30 varieties to eat. However it was difficult to accomplish this when we were walking 20+ miles per day on a tight timescale. It was a valuable test, we only had rudimentary tin can stoves to cook on so preparing a meal took considerably more time and energy than it would with a well equipped hike. Mesolithic tribes covered about 4 miles per day which leaves plenty of time for collecting and preparing food and setting up camp.

Noticing the difference in food availability in different parts of the landscape.

And where would we compromise or fail.
Images from found food event at Site gallery where we discussed the journey: 

Themes of land, contemplation, nomadism are present in the current exhibition of work by Ruth Levene and Ian Nesbitt at Bloc projects, an artist-led space also in Sheffield. Their project is centered around the activity of walking a boundary line around Sheffield. Lots of shared concerns with these artists.

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