Wednesday, 17 August 2016

There Are No Firm Rules - Platform Residency - Wheat

Visit to Toby Hayam's allotment in the Park Hill area. Toby is growing various kinds of non commercial wheat, barley and other cereals. He aims to produce 30-40 kg of grain with which to make bread. He also has oats, which already taste great. He toured us through his project and the local vicinity and we discussed the difficulties of producing wheat in this way; it is very sensitive to the environment, must be harvested at the right time etc. We also discussed the differences in wheat now to the wheat of prehistoric times.

Afterwards we went to Toby and Kim's house on the edge of the park where they have built a community cob oven on the edge of the park land. We ate pizzas made in the oven with dough Kim had prepared, it was brilliant to sea the oven in action, temperatures reached more than 450 degrees!

We were also in the company of Linda, Dave, Tom, Katie and Carlo from the Sheaf community group, Friends of Sheaf Valley. The group organises community and environmental events, litter picking missions and other local focus stuff.

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