Monday, 15 August 2016

There Are No Firm Rules - Platform Residency - Survey.


Location: Brownfield site, off Pomona Street.

A group of 12 met outside the Kwik Fit on the corner of Ecclesall Road and Pomona Street, Sheffield, S11 8JE at 2pm

For 3 hours on a sunny afternoon, we addressed questions of potential human and natural disconnects, exploried the constituents of a landscape and the relationships involved. We attempted to perform a comprehensive land survey exercise, undertaking tasks including; recording the diversity and amount of plants, the sound and feelscapes, the amount of manmade matter, soil-tests and more.

As a starter, author J.D. Taylor will joined us to walk around the site , asking us use our imaginations to consider what the land may have been used for in the past. Drawing attention to specific features, he looked at how landscape and place can shape experiences individually and collectively, and asked the key questions – what is life like here? what could life be like? what can be done with the weight of the past to liberate the future?

We made a bespoke Kit Box for the event to carry our kitlist which comprised:

Kit Box x 1 - 820mm x 710mm x 820mm
Books - Assorted identification x 10
Litter Grabbers x4
Refuse Bags - heavy duty, black x 40
Rubble Bags - heavy duty, blue x 10
Safety Gloves - one size - green, red, blue x 12
Specimen Jars x 18
Secateurs x 2
Magnifying Glasses x 2
Binoculars x 1
Tape Measures x 4
Single Use 35mm Cameras x 4
Clipboards x 12
Sketch Pads x 12
Flower Press Books x 2
Elastic Bands - heavy duty x 1 pack
Record Cards - 125mm x 75 mm / 80mm x 60mm - assorted colours x 150
Circular classification Stickers - Assorted Colours - x 2 packs
Specimen bags x 60
Specimen envelopes x 50
Pens & pencils - biros, permanent markers.
Rope, blue x 20 metres
Thermos flasks

Survey finds
What follows will be a week long interpretation of the findings to be displayed at Site Gallery and a land report which we will print and return to the Brownfield site.

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