Friday, 19 August 2016

There Are No Firm Rules - Platform Residency - Group Action

Litter Picking in The Sheaf Valley

A Group and Community activity to keep the Sheaf Valley area of Sheffield clean and tidy. This area which comprises the Park Hill estate has had a poor reputation in the city - house prices generally a third lower than in the city's west.

The Friends of the Sheaf Valley, which was set up to promote the area, programme public events and encourage community engagement, regularly walks its streets collecting and disposing of litter.

It's a two-stranded endeavour - obviously, the area benefits from the reduction in lain waste - on this occasion a group of 20 people filled well over 30 bin bags in a 2 hour activity - but it seemed most important was the visibility through a performative presence - a pinked army - ready to engage with the community - taking an initiative with positive action.

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